Program Benefits

Salary Summary

PGY 1 $44,000, 15 days vacation

PGY2 $45,000, 21 days vacation

PGY3 $46,000, 21 days vacation 


Individual health insurance with affordable options for family

Malpractice insurance


Library resources

Ipad Mini with internet connection

Complimentary physician parking at both hospitals, with covered parking as needed

Complimentary meals provided in the physician dining room in the hospital

Monogrammed white lab coats


Anderson Regional Medical Center

Rush Foundation Hospital- Family Medicine Inpatient Service

HC Watkins Memorial Hospital

John C Stennis Memorial Hospital

Laird Hospital 

Choctaw General Hospital


PGY 1                                   PGY 2                                        PGY3

Internal Medicine                                      Internal Medicine                                               Internal Medicine

Emergency Medicine                               Pediatrics                                                            Surgery

Cardiology                                                ENT/OPTH                                                          Obstetrics/Gynecology

Obstetrics/Gynecology                            Emergency Medicine                                         Practice Management

Pediatrics                                                  Geriatrics                                                             Dermatology

ICU/CCU                                                   Behavioral Health                                               Sports Medicine

Orthopedics                                             Pulmonology                                                       Elective

Surgery                                                     Surgery

Elective                                                     Gastroenterology